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if/else trinary boolean operator

This page is for the current JSim version 2.0. Click here for the earlier JSim 1.6 version.

This document describes the syntax of the if - else boolean operator. (MML).



if - else syntax

The if - else boolean operator is used only with equations that specify exact numerical relationships between variables. Arbitrary nesting of if - else operators is allowed.

if - else statements can have one of the following forms:

      var, var2, var3;
      var = if (expr1) expr2;
      var2 = if (expr1) expr2 else expr3;
      var3 = if (expr1) expr2 else (if (expr4) expr5 else expr3);         

where exprX are algebraic expression of variables, with expr1 and expr4 being of the boolean type. See Algebraic Expression Syntax for further information.

if - else example

// if else syntax:
math if_else {
  realDomain t;
  t.min=0; t.max=2*PI;;
  real amp = 1;
  real phase = 0;
  real u(t), v(t), w(t), x(t);
  u = amp*sin(t-phase);
  v = amp*cos(t-phase);
  w = if (t < PI) (u + v) else (u);
  x = if(t > PI) (u + v) else ( if (phase > 0) u else u-v );

(Java plugin required)

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