Cardiac Physiome Society 6-9 Nov. 2017 Toronto, Canada

Abstracts and Posters

All speakers are expected to submit abstracts. All registered attendees are welcome to submit abstracts for poster display.

Submitters are requested to indicate if they would be willing to do a platform presentation: some of these will be selected by the program committee. Each poster presentor will do a 60 second flash presentation: 1 slide in 1 minute exactly to introduce the idea as on the Program Schedule.

The abstracts will be posted on this website. If you would like to submit an abstract; however, do not want it posted, please notify us via email. Your abstract will need to be on your poster.

Abstracts are to be submitted by Oct. 16, 2017. Abstracts must be limited to 250 words. The abstract should be put in the upper left corner of the poster. The posters will be square: 3' x 3'.

Abstract inquiries can be emailed to Suggestions for the abstract organization (e.g. first author, list of institution, title, english language) are listed on the FASEB.ORG

To submit your abstract, type or paste it into the form box below. Use MS Word on an equivalent program to make sure that the number of words is under 250.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you also send a copy of your abstract in an email (preferrably as a .doc or PDF) also because our form cannot manage precise formating, graphics, special characters, subscripts, superscript, etc. Thank you!

Yes - Please consider this abstract for a platform presentation opportunity.
No - We do not want to do a platform presentation with this abstract. We only want to enter a poster.

NOTE: We will attempt to display all posters for both days. But, if more than 40 posters are submitted, then we will split them between sessions.

Posters can be published: Those who wish to pre-submit their poster can explore opportunities on F1000. An example of an abstract and poster can be seen at F1000 at and search under the author of Bassingthwaighte.