Cardiac Physiome Society 6-9 Nov. 2017 Toronto, Canada

CiPA Satellite Workshop

As a satellite meeting to the main Cardiac Physiome conference, there will be a day of presentations and discussions on the physiome modelling aspects of the CiPA initiative. At this workshop we will hear from the FDA team about the modelling efforts underway as part of CiPA, discuss challenges, and hopefully form new collaborations to tackle them.

Introduction to CiPA

CiPA (Comprehensive In-vivtro Pro-arrhythmia Assay) is an international initiative, launched in 2013 by the US Food and Drug Administration, other drug regulatory agencies, industry and academic collaborators, to develop and validate a new mechanistic, in vitro and in silico paradigm for evaluating the proarrhythmic risk of new drugs. CiPA studies include ion channel effects in cell lines combined with mathematical action potential modelling to predict the effect of multiple ion channel block and associated pro-arrhythmic risk, and to check the integrated effect with stem-cell derived cardiomyocyte measurements. The CiPA project website is .

Submit your abstract

A number of ten-minute slots are being reserved for late-breaking abstracts and anyone that would like to raise relevant issues for discussion. We are accepting abstracts for these slots, and the organising committee will select a number to present on the day. Please register your interest for this by emailing a short abstract to Gary Mirams by 30th September 2017.

There will not be a dedicated poster session for this Satellite Meeting due to time constrains, instead we encourage you to attend the main Cardiac Physiome meeting and present CiPA-related posters there.

CiPA Speakers

A preliminary list of speakers and discussion panel members for the CiPA session is listed below:
  • Adam Hill (Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)
  • Brian Carlson (University of Michigan)
  • David Strauss (FDA)
  • Ele Grandi (UC Davis)
  • Elisa Passini (Oxford)
  • Jaimit Parikh (IBM Research)
  • Jonathan Moreno (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Ken Wang (Hoffmann-La Roche)
  • Kylie Beattie (FDA/GSK)
  • Mark Davies (QT Informatics)
  • Randall Rasmusson (University at Buffalo, New York State)
  • Sebastian Polak (Certara)
  • Trine Krogh-Madsen (Cornell)
  • Wendy Wu (FDA)
  • Zhihua Li (FDA)

MaRS Building on University and College

Time and Date: the CiPA satellite meeting will be on 9 Nov. 2017 from 13:00-19:00. The meeting will be followed by an informal dinner and drinks, so please plan to stay in Toronto on the evening of 9 November.

Location: Room TGH 025/026 at the Toronto General Hospital (TGH: 200 Elizabeth Street - Eaton Wing, Ground Floor, Medical Education Room 025/026), 5 minutes from the Chelsea Hotel.

Lunch: (prior to the meeting) will be in the MaRS West Tower (661 University Avenue) at the 14th floor TBEP (Transitional Biology and Engineering) lounge. Take a ground level indoor walk from the TGH to MaRS West and elevator to TBEP lounge.

To register for the meeting, please click here.

CiPA Programme

Time Session Title Speaker
13.30-13.45 Introduction and regulatory perspective David Strauss
13.45-14.45 hERG and IKr modelling, kinetic models of drug interaction, data quality and experimental considerations Kylie Beattie
Adam Hill
Wendy Wu
Randall Rasmusson
14.45 – 15.45 Action potential modelling, optimising conductances for studying drug action, stem-cell derived myocyte models Zhihua Li
Brian Carlson
Trine Krogh-Madsen
15.45 – 17.00 Other ion channels (INa, ICaL, …) Jonathan Moreno
Ken Wang
17.00 – 18.00 Pro-arrhythmic risk markers, validation plans Zhihua Li
Jaimit Parikh
Mark Davies
Elisa Passini
Sebastian Polak
Ele Grandi
18.00 – 19.00 Future plans, discussion David Strauss
Gary Mirams

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