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(Matlab) Adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT)

Model number: 0408


 The primary function of Adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) is to catalyze 
 ADP/ATP exchange across the inner membrane. Under respiring conditions, 
 ATP4− generated by oxidative phosphorylation is exported to the cytosol 
 for use in cellular activities and ADP3− is imported into the mitochondrial 
 matrix for continuous ATP synthesis. Ant is therefore an ADP3−/ATP4− exchanger.

 The two reactions involved in the ANT are:
 1. (cytoplasm) Creatine Kinase (EC
 Phosphocreatine + ADP + H+ <-> Creatine + ATP

 2. (Mito matrix) ATP Hydrolysis (EC
 ATP + H2O <-> ADP + Pi + H+
 Hydrolysis of ATP. 

 Model generated from The Biochemical Simulation Environment (BISEN).

Figure 1: Potential energy across mito membrane.

Figure 2: Progress curves of ATP and ADP in cytoplasm.

Figure 3: Progress curves of ATP and ADP in mito membrane matrix.


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Key Terms

TCA, enzyme, BISEN, Cardiac grid, proton, inorganic phosphate, hydrolysis, magnesium, potassium, Gibbs free energy, thermodynamics, Matlab, ANT, creatine, Phosphocreatine, ATP Hydrolysis, Creatine Kinase

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