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Two compartment model with flow, Michaelis-Menten type exchanger, and a reversible reaction in non-flowing compartment converting C to B.

Model number: 0249

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This is a two compartmental (plasma and parenchymal cell (pc) exchange model with flow in the plasma compartment. The compartments are instantaneously well mixed. Substances C and B reversibly convert to each other by a first order process in the parenchymal cell compartment. This model has a Michaelis-Menten (MM) type of transporter of the cell membrane between the capillary plasma and the parenchymal cell, expressed in terms of Km and PSmax, for which the denominators include terms for the solute on both sides of the meembrane, as if the binding site is accessible simultaneously from either side. In this sense the transporter is acting more like a channel that a ferry boat.

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